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ALT Sex: The Magic of Leather

There would be hard to determine when the fetish for leather started and how it developed into one of the world?s most popular and charming ALT sex (alternative sex) ever. Even for specialists and sexologists, the fetish (sexual attraction or interest for a specific inanimate object and/or body part) is a mystery in itself. It seems might come connected with the sensing of having a sort of ?second skin-like? feeling,  would leather provide someone wearing tight-fit, full-length, leather-clad. In addition, fetishists might feel aroused by the smell or even the feel of leather, or simply by the sound of rubbed-leather.

Some researches suggest that the magic of leather and sex would have inherent connection with our primitive side, as in call of the wild triggered by contact with game-hide. Truth is that when associated with sex, leather gets regarded as something luxurious, a fancy. A good example would be its wide variety of fairs, exhibitions and annual balls (or the so-called black parties) on ALT Sex. Particularly in Europe and USA, people gathering from all over, who share interest in leather, and obviously sex.  As for alt sex fairs, present contests divided in categories such as the most tighten leather corsets, or the leather outfit that covers the widest part of the body. On which point demonstrates the connection of leather with certain sex power games.

A common mistake when it comes to sex and leather being that notion that anyone into fetish for leather would be into sadomasochism as well, or vice versa. Actually, a sadomasochist may enjoy forms others than such practice, as spanking or bondage, and with no relation to leather. By the way, a person may have a strong leather fetish but finds the idea of pain during sex completely off-putting.

Surprisingly, certain leather fetishists reported having experiences with the object of fetish at a very early age, some even at the age of 7 or 8 years old. It?s a way before their time for figuring out certain notions of sexuality itself, let alone fetishism. This fact shows the magic of leather and sex and the sexuality of humans in general as fascinating as mysterious subject.

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