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Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Compulsive Sexual Behavior

Sex is good, meant to be healthy and feels right. The bigger the better, figure of speech. Then just like most things in life, has its limitations so that trespassing the normality threshold can be prevented. If you desperately want sex, it could be a sign that something might not be right perhaps.

Let?s shed light hereby, on a problem, still quite subdue but exists nonetheless, rather garner into other emotional problems of the individual.  Nymphomania what?s. By the sound of it, springs into mind the figure (correct) of that woman who?d crave for sex at anytime, anywhere and with anyone. Though nymphomania encompasses a much wider concept, once it too can strike men.

Alas, sex addiction, hyper sexiness or hyperactive sexual desire. Nymphomania or satyriasis, in which point would be meaning sexual desire as of the woman and man altogether.

Most patients with hyperactive symptoms wouldn?t display any noticeable evidence from another neuropsychiatric disorder. Some others however, might manage to wear it lightly, despite some neuropsychiatric compromising, and last but not least, there are those from downright neuropsychiatric compromising.

The sticking point is how this sexual disorder would ensue in those whom bear no evidence of other disorder from neuropsychological nature, apart from some unusual amount of sexual activity. So let?s see, for something to be considered pathological such compulsive sexual behavior should be cause for emotional sufferance and yield serious interpersonal consequences as such occupational, familial and financial wise.

Never mind, even so we would be confronted by the general criteria, if there were exacerbated sexiness considered pathological as it were, in which there?s appetite and sexual fantasy built up so much for permeating in most thoughts and feelings, we?d be faced with a state of obsessive-compulsive with sexual wise sintomatology. Otherwise, if someone happens to claim sexual gratification with little regard to ethic, moral and legal considerations, getting relieved in an act of pure self-indulgence, would be tooted as sociopathic disorder if not borderline personality, with sexual rebound as well.

Such compulsive sexual behavior could linger to other psychiatric disorders and particularly most to the abuse of psychoactive substances like cocaine.

A nymphomaniac female, is that woman compulsively promiscuous, whose aims means sexual contact with several different partners, driven by relentless input from lust bursting from within. 

Too interesting is that there are neither feelings nor interaction with the partner at the time. There?s total detachment from any sort of emotional string, other than sexual connotation. Its priority means purely sex for the sake of it and nothing else. In such vice circle in that the relentless quest for raw sex, those in for nymphomania could well be catching up with hang-ups regarded their own identity other than seeking sexual gratification. As aforementioned, there would concern women emotionally confused (with a certain difficulty in accepting their own sexiness).

Whenever the female nymphomaniac needs to suppress her sexual impulse somehow or would have to keep it at bay, bad feelings usually ensue as in growing weary even so mood swings.

There would be wise to highlight the fact that different levels exist of compulsion in sex, which ranges from, overdone masturbation, prostitution, not only  but also, certain behaviors within sexual paraphylia, such as exhibitionism, voyeurism and pedophilia yet grievous body harm.

So causes likely to trigger such behavioral pattern might vary, in other words, there could be certain imbalance of emotional nature in confront to some fixation lingering from childhood. More specifically during the anal phase within sexual growth, wherein compulsion means core, of which unless well thought after would leave scars forever.   

Its treatment could be grounded on combination therapy whether isolated or by groups (upon case), along with medication usage, in order to keep compulsion under control.

Enjoying sex isn?t a problem at all, let alone thinking about sex all day long, neither having sex several times a day. By the contrary, it?s rather nice.

And whenever there?s someone around, and the mood feels like giving and taking pleasure, with due respect and care for one another, then everything lies within normal as far as sexual concerns.

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