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Depression and Sex Life

Depression and Sex Life I

Famous worldwide depression takes a toll on thousands of people everyday. Some might suffer a great deal in silence whereas others less likely so thanks to support received. Due to effective treatment and so-medication approached against such affective disorder.

Since depression may strike so many aspects of our lives, let?s grab the ropes together and shed light on possible side effects on our sexual behaviour.

A sexual dysfunction stands for the impairment for engaging in sexual activity, pleasure wise, due to intercourse related pain or disability in one or more phases in the threshold of sexual response, i.e., desire-arousal-orgasm and its aftermath.

Yet sexual dysfunctions may strike under all sorts of guises, as follows, drop in libido, or/and, lack of sexual interest; discrepancy in arousal threshold, i.e., suppressed genital response, erectile dysfunction, either premature or delayed ejaculation.

Disrupted or absence of orgasm, discomfort during or even prior sexual intercourse. Speaking of which depression has a lot to answer pertaining to sexual impairments. Hence, the lack of interest towards sexual union would sap the desire eventually. Plus all the distress in that the absence of spark that means crucial for the threshold of sexual response, once in the absence of desire sexual response gets hampered. When there?s no sex drive there?s no fantasy and consequently no sensory impute, thereof there will be hardly anything to show for. By the way, there would be detrimental to sexual activity, which wears out, better still, becomes nonexistent, in taking its toll right on the affective rapport altogether. On which point certainly rebounds on other sectors of the personal lifestyle, regardless of gender. Since depression chooses no face, neither age nor creed, and let alone gender.

 Means cornerstone to both parties involved catching up with it, by approaching medical advice and tapping on meaningful information. All but too, it compounds such a favourable mind frame onto further understanding of what takes there.

Depression might strike as a state of withdrawal, of disconnection somehow, which linkers from, just for the record, commotion when missing a beloved one, deceptions, failures, mental and/or physical strain. To finally realize how much sufferance and/or solitude one goes through.

Depression associated to biological and psychological traits carry out the claim for the outcome of glitches on our biological rate promoted by stressful situations in life.

When women get stricken by pre-menstrual syndrome (almost 75% of them are), roughly 10% display mood-swings, meaning, depressive mood, bad-temper, migraine, eating disorders and disrupted sleeping patterns. As for those who spring from family background of previous episodes in puberty, and/or conflicting affective affairs, yet undesired pregnancy and sudden stress, might be in for depression sprees during pregnancy.

Depression generally comes followed by physical symptoms, such as soreness, illness, tiredness, feeble, disrupted sleeping patterns, eating disorders and decrease in sexual urges. As reasoned these symptoms can keep depression disguised for some time.

On top of that, depression may give off physical impairments, as of immunological deficiency or poor adhesion to its treatment, the degree of personal hygiene and eating habits, thus the likelihood of cardiac diseases. On the next essay there?ll be more on that with emphasis on the antidepressants and their role into the sexual life of those with depression.

Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Sexual Life and Depression II         

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