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Since the beginning of civilized societies, there have been all kind of uncivilized conflicts: wars, ideological conflicts, generation gaps? There is always an issue in where two wings strongly disagree on and are willing to take that discussion to the next level. Some of those conflicts were exceptions: they only occurred in specific contexts. However, every little change in any society's lifeline is questioned by a group that always existed, a current that priory the traditional way of doing things: the conservatives. It was that way when rock and roll showed up, when manifestations against war took place? and now, on the beginning of the 21st century, there's another subject that puts them in conflict with other currents: gay marriage.

Slowly, homosexuality began to be accepted in today's societies. Some do not agree, it's true. Nevertheless, most people realized that nothing could be done do about and learned to live with it. In fact, it became politically correct to respect their sexual orientation. Lots of gay manifestations happen every year. And the gay marriage is the only thing that society is not willing to accept. In the whole world, just two countries - Netherlands and Belgium - legalized same-sex marriage, and Sweden and Spain are in the process of doing so. Some European countries have only legalized the civil unions between gay couples. Apparently, the conflict will go on for a few years. But, why there's so much polemic about it?

Well, since homosexuals can't be forced to go straight, they can't force people to accept and agree with their orientation. It's just a matter of giving the same rights to everyone. Therefore, things stay like this: on one side, gays ask for their rights to marry whomever they love, and the conservative lot argument that the legalization of same-sex union will ruin traditional marriage. Politicians, caught in the middle of cross fire, don't really know how to act - and they stay on the side of more adepts, so as to as many votes on the re-election campaign. While the conservative wing claims that gay relationship is immoral and their known polygamy would threaten the beginning of a family, homosexuals respond saying that whoever doesn't agree with them are just people who don't have open minds for the shape of things to come.

The real problem here is that both sides are prejudging, treating each other much like the stereotypes they have on their minds. Being, essentially civil right, it should become debate, not conflict. While one end keeps attacking the other, the solution is getting farther each time. Most of all, our civilized society becomes as uncivilized as it always been.

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