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Internet. One of the biggest inventions of the 20th century. How many out there would really thought that the World Wide Web could be as important as relevant to our modern life hectic? After the big boom of the internet ? situation that took place in the 90?s ? people start to depend more and more on the web. And it?s understandable: now we can cross thousands of miles in a few seconds. Now, information runs free readily available for everyone into computers to log on.

All subjects, all places distributed in the biggest library of the entire world. And not only in text formats: internet has hundreds of video files, sound files, image files, all available and downloadable. It?s astonishing, a real proof of our de-evolution. But those are not the only advantages of the World Wide Web. No, with internet a little thing called loneliness can be fought: millions with access to the web are constantly looking for new friends to meet demands. Maybe that?s the reason why chat rooms are so popular.

There are all kinds of chat rooms, with all kinds of subjects for all kinds of people and of course, special rooms for gays and for gay sex dating. And ? with the safety of being incognito ? those afraid of exposing secrecies to the real world constant do so at chat rooms. Like, for an example, gays and sex for gays. There, they don?t have the fear of negative social consequences. Gays there can be said whatever they want. So, nothing more logical than using chats to achieve something pretty difficult to get hold of in real life: raw gay sex that is. Gay men and lesbians meet future partners in chats on Internet, but that?s another story. There are all kinds of chat rooms, where not only people make ends meet but also talk about it, discuss and even get down on it. Such are becoming ever so popular, since censorship or discrimination free: once you got into one, you can say anything that comes to your mind.

So, gays get information they can?t get at school, even some specific organizations. They can get lectures from those who really lived up. Most sex doubts can be solved by discussion over with others ? the kind of thing that can?t be done in real life. Though, some use chat rooms to have the so-called ?virtual sex?, where writing to each other emulates what they would like to fulfill, so both in turn picture it out. But the main point is that one can be oneself as opposed to be what they want to be and without discrimination. That?s why internet is one of the biggest inventions of the last century: for it entitles freedom.

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