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Clitoral or Penetrative Sexual Stimulation

A thought provoking situation to most women is the factual that some of them seemed unable to reach climax solely by stroking on their clitorises. Such streak has already been enlightened as a symptom of sexual disorder, and its bearers branded as ?frigid?.  So which one would be better then, the orgasm from clitoral stimulation or that one resulting from a vaginal penetration?

Anatomically speaking, every orgasm imbues the clitoris as the main target. In the so-called vaginal orgasm, the core stimulation is triggered by the direct pressure exerted on the clitoris by the penis, which well-paced strikes the small lips during sexual intercourse. In other words, every orgasm, including the so-called vaginal, imparts some orgasmic clitoral response.

Another aspect that has caused significant divergence is the effect of sexual relation on to reaching climax. To some experts accordingly, there can?t be sufficient arousal to trigger orgasm, coming from direct stimulation of the clitoris.

Bodily arousal promoted by the penis during sexual intercourse consists, mainly, in fretting of the clitoris hood. Therein certain sexual positions, builds up arousal from the male pubic bone pressed up against the clitoral surroundings.

In several cases, such physical stimulation, utterly discreet, gets compensated, in major or minor degree, by the erotic input from elsewhere.

Aside from the supplied stimuli by the penis upon vaginal penetration, thus takes place sexual arousal by the other?s propinquity as well as his sexiness streaks.

Be as it may, remain the fact that sexual intercourse does not prompt direct stimulation on the clitoris. It could well explain why so many women reach orgasm more easily by stimulating the clitoris right away. Vaginal penetration does not mean better or worst than plain clitoral stimulation. It?s just one of the many ways of inducing sufficient sexual arousal to give off orgasm.

Variations in intensity aren?t explainable as yet, as some would like to think, in terms of origin or location. Emotions such as anxiety, guilt, depression or aversion, tend to inhibit any orgasmic response. If grown loud enough, they could even suppress it.

On the other hand, the bigger the external input, as in ambiance, tenderness, right atmosphere, streaks of arousal displayed by the partner, sprees of self-esteem and social security, on top of visual stimulation, olfactive and tactile in particular, the deeper, lengthen and round up the orgasmic threshold would be. 

An orgasmic response sets a world apart for each woman and thus varies to the same person, in accordance to the occasion. Constitutes always such a thoroughly physical reaction and its significance depends on the current frame of mind of the woman and the amount of internal and external input received then.

Off course, a string of factors comes along in arousal, much for the women, as for the men. If the woman enjoys it, there?s nothing wrong in the man playing with (or by herself) her clitoris alongside vaginal penetration. All of which can be done either in the foreplay, or aftermath.

What matters is both partners always acknowledge their own bodies and desires. Not to mention that, in any steady relationship, the understanding for the other?s longings might as well come to heighten their sexual pleasure.

Jonatas Dornelles

© 2005, 2006
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