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Male G Spot

The prostate is known by many people as the males? G spot. It is a small gland that produces some of the fluids that are contained in the sperm, giving its whitish color. The prostate is localized behind the pubic bone, just below the bladder. When stimulated properly, this gland becomes a real sex organ, triggering strong and deep orgasms. Reaching them through anal massage is as easy as satisfying.

Getting started, whoever is going to stimulate the gland has to trim his nails and smooth out the rough edges. If playing with sex toys, it?s necessary to ensure no sharp edges present. The individual can use a latex glove to deal with small cuts or hang nails on his hands. A lubricant also has to be provided, because the anus has no natural sexual fluids. It?s important to remember to never use petroleum or oil lubricants like Vaseline, because they destroy the latex of condoms and gloves.

The bath is a good place to explore the gland. The prostate swells when aroused, making its localization easier. After finding a comfortable position, with access to the anus, people can start with an external massage, which helps to relax the anal sphincter. When the man inserts his lubricated finger in the anus, he has to do it gently. To find his prostate, he has to press firmly forward through the front part of the rectal wall. After finding it, he can experiment different kinds of touch to know what feels good.

The man can also try playing with sex toys in and around the anal region, which have a slight curve. The prostate stimulation, however, isn?t for everyone, because many men associate the anal region with feelings of dirtiness or shame. If the partner doesn?t want it, he deserves respect. Other men, due to medical conditions or medications, have enlarged prostates that can cause discomfort or pain. Things have to be initiated slowly and, in case of discomfort, they must be stopped.

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