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Women aren’t the only humans capable to have multiple orgasms. Men with some effort and practice may also develop this pleasure. The basic point that men have to understand, first of all, is that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate physiological processes. Men can experience several orgasms before ejaculation or during it. It just requires concentration, the right movements and a deeply and regularly breathing pace, what gives more control over orgasm. Becoming multi-orgasmic, a man will also be able to satisfy his partner effectively.

The secret around male multiple orgasm is what men do before and during ejaculation. If they usually stop or change the stimulation they are receiving or creating close enough to ejaculation, they can experience muscular contractions without moving to ejaculation. The true multi-orgasmic man doesn’t lose his erection between orgasms. Male multiple orgasms don’t include ejaculation, with the exception of the case when ejaculation accompanies the final orgasm in an experience with multiple orgasms.

Men can begin to prepare themselves for several orgasms exercising their pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which is responsible for the rhythmic contractions in the anus and pelvis during orgasm and is associated with stronger orgasms. To exercise this muscle, men can stop the flow of the urine and start it again repeated times while urinating. During masturbation, a man has to pay attention in every sensation and, when getting near ejaculation, stop and rest, starting again many times and getting as close as possible to ejaculation without ejaculating.

To do so, a man has to contract the PC muscle at the right time – what allows him to get much closer to ejaculation and hence experience a non-ejaculatory orgasm. When having sex with someone, it’s important to ask the partner to slow down or stop when the ejaculation is near. In the position “woman on top”, men can easily control ejaculation, because gravity assists in ejaculatory control and men can relax his pelvic muscles and, then, slow things down if ejaculation is too close, repeating the same process that is done in auto-stimulation. 

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