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Pedophillia and Internet

Pedophillia and Internet

A very cruel crime; a hatred-like and disgusting way of getting oneself pleasured: Pedophilia. If we ask people, everybody will pull strained faces to this subject. Why is that so repulsive? Well, because it involves an innocent children and a sadistic person with a disturbed mind, sexually speaking.

Those people that feel attracted by children are known as ?pedophiles?, and the statistics point that most victimized children are, incredibly, abused inside their own houses ? by parents or next of kin. Sadly, these children, most of the time confused by the way abuser lead them by sexual appeal ? don?t even know what is the meaning and intentions of such act, what facilitates the abuser to get what he wants. The abuser humiliates and makes the children to feel frightened. Using the physical force and/or psychological, these bad treatments can last a very long time. The consequences are huge: children tend to get depressed, unhappy, and afraid of telling things to their parents; feared by the idea of making new friends and trust in people ? what can make them to grow very sad and disturbed people.

Out of the real world and into the virtual one, we can notice lots of sexualized sites with pedophilia content. Despite of the police?s effort against this kind of material spread, there are lots of masked up focuses on the World Wide Web. With the crescent internet development, we can find not only websites with videos and pictures of this disturbed ?fetish?: On very much reliable ?P2P? software (Peer to Peer), we can find these materials ready to be shared. The most amazing is that some ?words? were created so pedophiles can exchange their own materials with other internet users. There are even monstrous and secret communities, where ?people? can discuss some new materials and where to find more. A lot was said about how to join these communities, which are very rigid with its members, when the subject is ?silence?.

It is known that a lot is being made to solve this world wide problem, but it seems that not enough. A bigger attention could be paid on this issue; after all, it is not difficult at all to find pedophilia on the network.

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