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Sadomasochism is scientifically defined as the combination of two different and inverse paraphilias, masochism and sadism. In short, may define sadomasochist as the person whom pain is something highly sexually-charged and pleasant-ridden, by either inflicting pain on someone or being inflicted on. In general, those engaging in sadomasochism are very inventive and connected with role playing during sexual intercourse. That's why the world of sadomasochism is so-accessories populated, cross dressing orientated and role inversion thereof. In sadomasochism-orientated rapport each partner alternates the role of masochist or sadistic.

It's important to say that in general, both parts involved have complete control of their sadomasochist tendencies, but even when completely consensual (as sadomasochism HAS to be), there is risk of going to far. Sadomasochism in acceptable levels is not something wrong or reprehensible, but requires reciprocal sense of respect and precaution between parts involved in play. In fact, many relationships based on sadomasochism involve only role playing of submission and dominance.

Currently, scientists are finding correlations between sadomasochism and hormonal unbalances in some individuals, revealing that there's a major chance of sadomasochism being a result of a chemical combination. It is already proved that people engaged into sadism role playing display high up levels of testosterone, while the submissive part showed depressed levels of the same hormone. In addition, endorphin is released through pain experiences, and it's a hormone connected with feelings of pleasure and in some cases, potentially addictive.

Sadomasochism can't be considered mental disorder, but it is not rare to see this behavior associated with personality disorders, interfering in the person's social and occupational life and being substantial source of frustration and distress.


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