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Sex and Fetichism

To men in love, by and large, certain spots of the loved woman attract them in particular. The fetishist, however, feel compelled by the woman' particular trait or belongings. Being most popular fetishes feet, hair, shoes, clothing and bodily attributes. Accounts abound on bizarre cases of individuals who get sexually aroused by seeing a woman smoking or someone coughing.

Yet, fetishism comes linked to the child's first sexual excitement experiences. Mother's hair for instance. A man sexually aroused by someone else's cough, perhaps, could have been conditioned by an ill-to-be mother. Nonetheless, explanations are far more complexes and may come associated to several aspects of a person's individual trajectory.

A similar case to the fetishist is the transvestite, an individual who feels sexually aroused in wearing opposite sex's drapes. Seldom a male transvestite doubts his male condition or wishes to come off as a woman. At times there might be despise by the female condition, emulating her spitting image.

As far as certain men concern, wearing female clothing enhances their heterosexual relationship. Though, in most cases, there is resilient homosexual element, whether male or female transvestite. In dressing up taken after the dominant role of his life, he turns out, paradoxically, rather masculine. Sometimes the male transvestite comes from a family whose father was the weak element and the mother the strong one. That is inversion of the traditional western role.

The transvestite mustn't be confused by the transsexual, who lives up the opposite sex's role thoroughly. He who bears uncontrollable desire to "" be in other body". Often, he demands sexual replacement procedure from the doctor.

The fetishist channels his sexual desires towards various objects. To instances, he may be sexually aroused by the sight or feel of silk and not feel attraction by the woman wearing the silk vest. Shifts his desire as a whole to the desire of some part. He might as well masturbate by device aided belonging to the desired woman, underwear, bra, etc. If there will ever be sexual contact with a woman, he would demand her to bear an object related in particular to the sex-linked fantasy. A very common fetish is stilettos. Another well-known fetish is fascination for feet. No pun intended.

Those individuals who demand 'something else' in order to induce pleasure may strike the partner concerns. In fact, these individuals employ deceit so that push their inhibitions aside. Such tricks may involve employing certain rituals or presence of specific objects. In some cases, any given object, which might be a glove or shoe, begins to represent the entire woman and reactions concentrate fully on this particular object. In this case, there would some problem.

Nonetheless, there must not be forgotten that certain erotic games involved in sexual relation or fantasies, are healthy. Anyhow, all individual display a certain degree of fetishism, since more often than not is some partner's detail that provokes sexual attraction, derriere, thighs, thorax, smile, scent, skin?

Jonatas Dornelles

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