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Sex and Marriage

A great many marriages finish due to infidelity. Cheating really affects a relationship and it’s a sign that there is something wrong between the couple. The adultery, however, doesn’t need, necessarily, end in divorce. To deal with it, people should recognize the real motivations for the infidelity spree and learn to solve all the problems of the marriage, overcoming the trauma. First of all, acknowledging the infidelity is important to discuss it later and confront the ideas and reasons for what happened.

To rebuild a marriage, the person who was infidel has to end the affair with the third person and take responsibility for their acts, cutting off all contacts with the object of cheating. Then, the disloyal partner has to determine the reasons for the infidelity and think about what they can do to repair the relationship. A good way is by thinking how it was at the beginning, and start to bring in elements from that time to the present. Keeping up friendship is crucial as well, because it brings intimacy into marriage.  

Those into cheating usually search for qualities or attitudes that don’t exist in the primary relationship in other individuals. Some couples, after some months or many years, don’t give the right attention to the relationship and stop changing ideas or having sex frequently. To avoid infidelity, people must talk often and share feelings, doing it also in sex, keeping the sexual life active and discussing with the partner about what both want and need in bed.

Other thing that helps to maintain a healthy relationship is giving prize to the partner. Congratulating a positive behavior or a conquest of the partner makes this one satisfied and dispenses the need to look for an ego boost elsewhere. A couple also has to discuss the problems that contributed to difficulty in the marriage, without placing blame, and listing the behaviors that must be changed. If the infidelity happened, the infidel partner has to restore the other’s trust by being faithful and letting everybody know where s/he is.

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