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Sex and Masturbation

Sex and masturbation in ancient cultures

Since the Kinsey Report, in 1948, more light has been shed over sexual issues than ever. Through a complex and methodological research, Alfred Kinsey renewed old and conservative concepts, discovering new ways to interpret the social relevance of sex. So, society slowly began to accept those new interpretations, becoming open-minded to some situations that, before Kinsey?s Report, were considered not only wrong but also related to the wake of certain diseases and even psychological disturbances. One of such concepts that Kinsey changed regarded masturbation ? once viewed as wrong as detrimental, he found out that it could be beneficial. Nonetheless, even before such controversial report, masturbation was relevant a topic to society.
Masturbation is as old a habit as natural. In fact, not old but ancient. Although there are no direct references to masturbation in cave paintings or other prehistoric artifacts, in certain cultures a few centuries down the line not only it was allowed but also left ingrain some of these cultures? legends and tales. Some pictures from the fourth millennium Before Current Era shows men and women masturbating. But the ancient world has more references: a Neolithic cemetery in Greece has a figure of a male masturbating and in the Sumerians ? who invented the first written language ? there are references to the god Enki masturbating and his cum filling up the Tigris River as fluid. On another example, the Egyptians celebrated masturbation as the process by which the sun god, Atom, created the first two human beings of earth.
The ancient Greeks, however, had a more natural attitude when it comes to masturbation ? they considered the act as a normal and healthy substitute for other forms of sexual pleasure, a safety action against the harmful sexual frustration. That?s why several paintings show male masturbation as a part of the daily life, not a virtue or a vice. Just when the Roman Empire took place that it began to be judged ? the Romans were obsessed on distinguishing virtue from vice. Soon, masturbating gained associations of disturbance and defilement. With the growing influence of the Christian Church, all forms of sexuality other than the sexual intercourse for reproduction were condemned. Caught on that concept, masturbation began suffering a stigma, that increased until Kinsey launched his famous report and slowly clarified things.
Sure, not everyone agrees with Kinsey. Many people still think that masturbation is a sign of decay and weakness. After all, the Christian Church still plays major influence nowadays. But people are starting to deal with sexuality issues and maybe, a few years from now, everybody will agree that masturbation is a healthy way to substitute another forms of sexual pleasure, especially when you take into account that the market is filled with amazing sex toys for men like this best male masturbator for example.

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