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Sex and Orgasm

Sex and Orgasm

Sex and orgasm are two ingredients of the same equation. Sometimes these two “words” are not in the phrase. Perhaps it’s so because people are not sufficiently engaged in giving pleasure but receiving it. Sex became the most intense and effective way humanly devised in order to offload our sex urges and needs. It might be pessimist as sex standpoint, but there is some truth in it. The porn culture wrongly sells the idea of sex. This kind of entertainment had a good outcome with the public. According to this idea, the pornographic entertainment only got increased in making tons of videos, magazines, sex toys and many other sex accessories along the way.

For example, in porn videos, we usually see the following script: woman sucks man’s penis, man gives some oral pleasure to woman, man penetrates woman in her vagina, and man penetrates woman in the back (these components may repeat and vary) and then, the “grand finale”: men cum on woman’s face. Of course it is very arising, if it were not, it would not be sold the way it is. Millions of dollars are gathered by shooting these scenes. The only question which must be highlighted is: life is not like a porn video. Most of the times, on these videos, women are treated with aggression and force. They are constantly humiliated by men (obviously the target-public). The great majority of porno adorers consists men, that is for sure, but it does not mean that these videos can depict images of violence. That is because 90% of porn videos are violent and people might not realize that violence on the films are bound to be fetishes and not the real way to treat a girl. Add to that, many people grow up and learn their first sexual lessons by watching such material, and it might not be the best way to improve your sexual performance.

Real people engage in real sex. This is the first lesson to be learned. Just by exploring the partner’s body one will learn how important is to be careful and patient, so sex can be a very good experience for both partners; not only you.

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