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Sex and Sensuality

Words like sex and sexuality go along just fine to horse guess but what about sensual and sexual or boldly so sensuality and sexuality itself? It’s no decoy  meaning embodiment action like the sex act in that two words encompass both lexicon and cognitive. Our sex therapist has more on that to our delight…

By definition sensuality in Latin roots means the quality-degree of all that is sensual, voluptuous, lascivious and lubricious. In turn the word sensual as of the Latin "sensuale", signifies related to the senses. Perhaps there could be said that all that is pleasure orientated and for the sake of delight, there might be considered sensual. By the way, there might be said that the sensuality lies within the body and the senses.

There are those who wherever might get to strut their stuff, will feature the knack for heads turning of everyone in the vicinity. Whoever had already seen similar scenario surely got a turn to admire or envy them.   Doubtless, people like that posses a certain sex appeal of rendering jealous most mortals.

As it so happens when people can’t help feeling unattractive, feel incline to prize someone else’s in each and every aspect overriding their common-sense. A streak of low self-esteem could perhaps justify this attitude, but self-esteem alone can’t make anybody more or less sensual ultimately. All of us could and should learn how to prize our own traits, so that our sexuality could, naturally, surface.

Some books and TV programs might come in handy giving tips on the looks, highlighting each one’s best. Referring I am to nitpicked clothing and accessories that bring out the true colors of each one, regardless of age or sex gender. A hair do, good pampering along with skin and body care comes into play in revealing out some sensuality many times hidden and forgotten.

Looks is important, no doubt, though other components exist that I believe bear equal importance in one’s enlighten and revelation of sexuality. The gaze, the manner how to express your ideas and values, the voice pitch, scent, spontaneity are some examples to name a few, all of which reveal and render someone more or less sensual to our gaze.

With regard to sex, things aren’t much different. Sensuality itself lies within someone as a whole. It’s obvious that a man or a woman can use it into their favor in the relation, by exploring it through certain devices that are within their range of motion.

Dancing for one is activity that helps and a lot to further your sensuality naturally in a quite fettle and soothing manner. Attending ballroom classes, learning the most varied rhythms, it’s top of the range in exercises for the quickening of sensuality. There is even better if there is the partner’s company.

Kelly Cristine Barbosa Cherulli

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