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Sex and Sexuality Issues

To talk about sexuality and sex is rather fulfilling, learning new features, expressing wishes and desires, experiences traded off, or simply bearing a good semblance of something happened in a blue moon, like, fantasy fruition.

How delightful and healthy interacting with someone can be, leading a lust-ridden sexual life, libido, of unforgettable moments, spicing up relation sexually every time we feel stuck in a rut, for all that, our sexuality is to be enjoyed the best we can. Though, talking about sexuality not always includes beauty, happiness, sex-linked pleasure, in other words, there are yet situations not so good, not so pleasant, and often not so normal. To mention sexuality is to talk about sufferance as well, of people who burden feelings of guilt and despair, phobias, distress, difficulty in interpersonal relationship, so much so as off chance situations. All of it makes part of a string of events, of whose sexual disorders, and about that this article refers to.

No one is free from bearing or suffering some sexual disorder of a kind. Once there are so diverse and divide in three main groups, given that within each group are yet various subdivisions.

sexual dysfunction- could be viewed as that complaint likely to affect or alter the psycho-physiological response of sexual stimulation. As consequences will bring upon agony, sufferance and dissatisfaction to oneself and who comes along with. Most common female sexual disorders are Anorgasmia, vaginitis and dyspareunia in that sexual desire suppression.

Paraphilia, according to Kaplan and Sadock, the type of distress characterized by specific fantasies, of unbearable urges usually and practices of receptive nature, on which point upsets oneself. For the same authors, "a special fantasy, with its unconscious and conscious components, compounds the element of patgnomy, being sex-linked arousal and orgasm combined phenomena".

The main categories in Paraphylia are pedophilia, exhibitionism, sexual sadism, sexual masochism, voyeurism, fetishism, transvestic fetishism, frotteurism, and on top of that there is another distinct category for other paraphylia with no other specification, zooerasty for instance. One may present multiple paraphylic disorders.

Gender identity disorder- can be described as the one who perceives oneself as a member of the other sex, the opposite sex. The standing ground in these cases is the feeling of weirdness, causing sheer pain and agony.

Treatment for cases of gender identity disorder is rather complex and hard, once most often it requires sexreassignment surgery. Psychotherapeutic assessment is vital in order to gain tranquility leverage and support in tackling a brand new reality- mostly if subjected to sexreassignment surgery.
It goes without saying that whoever undergoes this type of surgery will face challenges in life and ought to be strong to handle adversities that might arise.

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