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The vagina could be considered, perhaps, the epitome of a woman?s body. When referring to epitome I meant a degree of relevance, the great synonym of fertility, of eroticism and great sex secrets.
I wonder whether every woman has already looked at her vagina. Checking her anatomy. What if knowing all its significance and importance. I think the majority not and shows no signs of curiosity in doing so. Far from meaning that there?s lax care and that women aren?t seeing their gynecologists or anything to do with intimate sexual hygiene. I?m trying to bring a broader concept. Surely, all that aspect of checking oneself, touching, self-discovery isn?t such easy task, after all, the genitals weren?t made to be contemplated and neither touched. And that is a legacy from infancy, relatives never allowed kids to explore their sexuality naturally, for taboos have always been there, on which point doing this or that is naughty, it?s wrong.
It brings out in women the fear of getting to know themselves in-depth and to make their sexual pleasure known.
Vagina could be regarded as a muscular tube leading from the vulva to the uterus. In its outer part lays the most sensitive part of the female anatomy, the well-known clitoris.
Since it features characteristics of a muscular tube-like shape, it can contract and relax, depending on a woman?s will, she has such command.
Its inner part features no such sensibility, when inserting a tampon correctly and in the right place, causes no discomfort and isn?t felt pleasurably. I say that in order to justify the reason of many women feel not so much pleasure in penetration at the sex act, and feel rather stimulated on its external part, like the clitoris.
There?s a spot, called the G-spot, localized at the vagina internal walls, which under intense pressure yields a higher degree of sexual arousal for the women. So, a lot should be expected from the vagina in terms of sex pleasure, what is needed is self-awareness, a desire to know more about what we have between our legs, how it works and how it reacts, for all that, to unveil its sex secrets.
For instance, when commenting above about a woman?s command regarding contraction and relax of the vagina?s musculature, meaning that women have the very opportunity to learn with information, however many don?t know, and don?t have conscious that they may contract and relax their vaginas, indeed.
The exercise is straightforward and can be performed at anytime of the day and anywhere.
Just flex your vagina muscles, as in feeling like peeing but then couldn?t, holding back for about five to ten seconds and release it afterwards. The benefits are; a rather pleasurable sexual life, easier childbirth and maintenance of a strong vagina. Often, women are taught to give sexual pleasure to their sex partners rather than obtaining sex pleasure for themselves.
Exploration of the vagina and experimentation of new sex sensations, are fundamental for a happy sexual life and for both ultimately.

Adriana Sommer da Costa

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