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AIDS currently is the sex disease claiming more lives the world over. The total amount of AIDS cases reaches roughly 40 million infected people. Regardless of race, color, sex and age. Transmitted through unprotected sexual relations, the use of syringes or from a HIV+ mother to her baby during childbirth as well as nicks and cuts while manipulating sharp objects.
Whoever practices sex wearing no condoms or employ non-discard syringes and needles, stand profound risks of acquiring this sexual disease. Other than concern of sex pros or drug users, it?s a problem of us all.
Therein, prevention is a simple matter of raising awareness. It?s not written on people?s foreheads whether or not the HIV virus might infect them. It?s down to each one of us to do their part. Drug users can get free handouts at government run clinics. Those with no money on to buy condoms can get their fair share at health care centers and public institutions.
It?s an excuse overused that condoms get in the way of sexual pleasure and that when time urges, it?s quite difficult to stop and put on a condom. There are condoms as sensitive as safe, which enables both man and woman to a barely notice of its presence in their sexual relation. Thus, putting on a condom can make part of foreplay in sex-games, and either man or woman could do so, as a kind of sex act out, without missing excitement of the moment. Not only people with no permanent sex partners should wear condoms but also those with no steady relations. No matter how one may trust a partner, a silly slip is enough to acquire HIV, and it?s known increasingly the number of men and mainly married women who acquire AIDS from steady partners. To propose a partner to wear condoms isn?t offense, but it?s a way to preserve your health and of the other as well.
Even a couple of both HIV infected, wearing condoms is quite sensible, since medication usage will likely to drop their serum viral load. If someone infected has sex with another infected person, their viral load will rapidly increase and so window for opportunistic diseases will therefore be created.
Given the fact that when bigger the prevention the better in order to scale down rates of infected people in the world.
Rates of infected people raises at neck-break speed, thus if more people take precautions, in the same proportion would the number of AIDS cases fall.
A split second of sexual urge can?t be more important than health and well-being of ours.
Prevention against AIDS infection denotes show of respect to oneself and respective sex partner. No one knows the shape of things to come; let?s live a good record for the next generation to thrive on.

Anne Griza

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