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One of the major problems confronted by the couples going steady ( married , dating for quite sometime, shaking up) is that, if in one hand, both the complicity and assurance grow from strength to strength, on the other hand, the desire to have sex, is bound to decay. It doesn?t happen by the shear fluke, neither because of the couple is in dire straits. Even in a relationship that?s still on it, both the amount and praise of sex may dwindle.

What happens is that couples, usually, when settled down, tend to let go on creativity in bed, that is, begin to rely on sexual relations more alike, getting as far as having sex ?contrived due marriage?. Aside from repetitive, sexual intercourse grows more sporadically wise. A marriage does not mean the end of sexiness, although needed the couple to come up with the means necessary to keep the flame of their sexiness alight.

Parenthood, bills to pay, full time partnership all along, might be the very reasons wearing out the desire for reaching out for one another. All that the couple need is to catch up with it every now and then, by working on their fulfillment in bed.  Now is known that the vast majority of break ups is due when sex no longer spells fun, and the duo come out feeling unfulfilled in their rapport.

It goes without saying that marriage doesn?t stand for having someone under the thumb. It claims for the old spice and looking after the other, just like back in the day, when one would reassure the other and all of which the other would like to have done. 

No need for changes neither in tenderness and reassurance now that the couple is bounded up, conversely, it calls for constant upkeep.

If the relationship got to the point where sexiness no longer exists, would be interesting to think of variations in sex games, like going to a motel, fiddling around the house for other spots for having sex, perhaps the purchase of something kinky, taking a romantic journey, so on and so forth. Yet creativity aligned with sexual fantasies has always come in handy.

And there?s nothing better than having sex with the loved one, and marriage means just that. It?s pointless to let sexuality fall in a rut, all the way round, dare to render it even more interesting, should the couple ever unveil those fantasies shared in common; even better they would reach farther in terms of sexuality. Might as well redefine themselves as man and woman and heighten their intimacy and complicity further.

However, if their problem is not the relationship itself, the bed isn?t the most suitable place for sorting it out. Should the reason for their low sex drive ever arise from rough edges between them, they?d better bring it to the table, otherwise sexual relation would remain bland and so too marriage starts heading down hill.  Sex doesn?t make up for miserable lifestyles. Sex means a trade off between two people who are happy with the relationship led by them, whether the affair is new or already seasoned. 

Every steady relationship bears its pros and cons. Innovation always seems necessary, even in terms of sexuality. Therefore takes the two of them to turn sex even more interesting and pleasurable. Both the man and woman stand shoulder to shoulder while keeping their sexuality up to scratch.

Anne Griza

© 2005, 2006
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