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In 1981 was the first case of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome diagnosed, or AIDS, as known. It's a virus (called HIV) that attacks the defenses of our body against every external agent. In the beginning, only groups of homosexual seemingly acquired HIV, but soon the virus began to outbreak in heterosexual people too. So, the scientists discovered that the AIDS was transmitted mainly by unprotected sexual relations. Being a disease that has no cure, soon it called everyone's attention. And, automatically, brought to open discussion a die-hard subject: the sexual transmitted diseases.

Nowadays, sex became an ordinary thing, no longer involves the same circumstances and consequences that it did thirty or forty years ago. So, more people are having more sexual relations more often. And that became a risk - as not all of these people were aware of the STDs and its ways of protection. The best solution was to start a program, a prevention one. That way, people could start curbing sexual diseases by taking simple precautions. So, the government started to inform population about the risks of STDs. Brochures distributed, campaigning played on TV and broadcasted on air, schools started to have their own sexual education classes, so on and so forth. Of course, not everyone followed hints, but from this point on information could be reached by anyone whishing to do so.

But what about those STDs? They are diseases that can be transmitted through body contact during sex, being caused by virus, bacteria and parasites. The body contact includes vagina, anal and oral sex. Some of the STDs are: gonorrhea (bacterial, can infect cervix, urethra, rectums, anus and throat), Chlamydia (bacterial, can infect urethra, rectum and eyes in both sexes and cervix in women), syphilis (bacterial), genital herpes (viral, can affect the mouth, the genital area, the skin around the anus and the fingers), and many others. Some are more dangerous than others, but all have their symptoms. And the best way to treat them is through prevention.

The best way to prevent still by condom wearing. In most cases, the man wears it, but there are also female ones, apart from other means of prevention - like the diaphragm. The condoms can be bought at drugstores and the likes, or can be obtained free at governmental stations.

Even with all the information, there are still who overlooks prevention of STDs. It's imperative that all citizens become aware of this situation and begin taken measures of prevention by talking others in for doing the same. Sex is good, but it also needs to be safe.

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