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Sex Dysfunctions


Sexual dysfunctions are characterized by changes in behavior when undergoing sexual stimulations. Such changes may have psychic or physic origins and may end up in sexual deterrent, causing aversion, and in some cases, yielding pain. Dysfunctions in men and women are quite different due to the fact that such dysfunctions do not work just in the psychic. They reflect upon the body as it begins to respond in unusual trends to stimulations likely to be sexually pleasant.

The sexual stimulation bears the following phases: Desire, excitement and orgasm. Any of these phases may suffer dysfunction. Desire works out sexual stimulation; it's where the sexual appetite lies in; it's the phase from where will to have or not sex derives. It's in arousal that physical response takes place. When positive a response, the penis gets erected gorged with blood and the vagina gets lubricated in women. After these two phases, orgasm follows suit, which finishes a well-succeeded sexual stimulation.

To sum up, a dysfunction is a certain sexual pattern that cannot be completed successfully. As for example, a car starts from A to go to B but fails in doing so due to any given reason. For sure, something doesn't click in there.

In arousal phase there may occur the so-called hyperactive sexual desire, in other words, a limitless urge for having sex, or its opposite, the total lack of sexual desire.

In the phase of orgasm, in contrast, difficulty in reaching might take place. There can affect both women and men, most likely there would have to do with psychological hiccups.

Women have their own type of dysfunctions like arousal disorder - a disruption of excitement that is; the Vaginism - the pelvic muscles' involuntary contractions, hampering penetration; and the dyspareunia - pain felt during intercourse.

As for men, there's hyperactive sexual desire and its reverse, likewise women. What sort them out is the phase of arousal (in which men may have erectile dysfunction - the impotence), and the orgasm phase- there may men have precocious ejaculation.

When seemingly suspicious somehow regarding normal sexual functioning, professional help must be sought after. So, aid as quick as possible is given whether psychologically or physically.

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Sex Dysfunctions - Sexual dysfunctions

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