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Sex Foreplays

Sex Foreplays

Sex can be a very relaxing way people get to experience. According to this idea, sex must be enjoyed by everyone involved on it. The times when just men could enjoy sex time are gone. Today women can enjoy sex the same way men do. With the women?s advent in the society, they could even claim their sexual needs, and that was a great victory if we look back in their past history.

During sex, women and women can enjoy a very arousing technique; actually a pre- technique so things can become a lot better: foreplay. It prepares the bodies and warm up the weather to the couple. Long and wet kisses, smart and traveling hands trough the partner?s body can make things be better, before penetration itself. In fact, a lot of women complain about men?s sexual performance. Most of these complain are about the careless way men arouse their partners: they want to go to the very ending, very quick. For the great majority of women, the foreplay is way too better than the intercourse. Just a little few of them can reach orgasm with vaginal arousing. Clitoral orgasm is their general preference, and that is what men must pay attention to.

Foreplays can include many things; the limit is peoples? creativity. There are many ways to excite the other one. There is a huge quantity of sex toys, for example to people experiment, like: Dildos, penis rings, oils, lubricants, videos and many other things. People must learn how to enjoy sex at most; not only the ?final act? (penetration), because it is know that most of the times, sex only ends when men cum. If men cum before women do, they will have to wait, at least, a little while for the second round, and that can be really boring. To have an open conversation about what is lacking in sex time are good tips to people feel more ?connected? while sharing caress. To pay attention in your partner?s corporal responses is also a good way to make sex to be fun for both of you ? the couple.

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