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Sex Positions

Sex Positions

Sex positions, devised millions of years ago with the aim of discovering new ways of feeling pleasure and exploring the body in that the myriad of possibilities of giving and offering orgasm. There are positions practiced by almost all people and there are those unknown, of which could turn the sexual routine into a much more pleasurable rapport, if tried.
First of all, what must be taken into account is the discovering of your own body and your partner?s. Even though it seems easy, this task requires time to explore your partner?s preferences, so sex would be much more enjoyable.
As sex positions are so many, there can easily be separated by categories such as vaginal sex, oral sex, and group sex.
In the ?vaginal sex? category, are the majority of likely positions emphasizing on to penetration of the penis in the vagina by several alternatives, such as ?the woman on top? (man lies down and woman perches on his penis). ?On her fours? (the woman on her knees with legs wide open to her sex partner who in turn penetrates her from behind in various ways), ?standing? (the sex act itself happens without any supporting device. As penetration takes place with the couple standing), ?from behind (that includes the leapfrog and doggy style), among many others, that, if well explored, can guarantee wonderful and new sensations in sex times.
The most familiar sex position when the subject is oral sex is the 69?: Man and woman lie lengthwise in bed with heads at opposite directions. The important here is the mouth-genital contact.
When sex is practiced by a group (more than two persons) many positions may be explored. Depending on the sexuality of each participant, more and more positions may be created. The ?daisy chain? position consists in, at least, three people practicing oral sex on each other, creating a human chain. Gangbang is a single woman having sexual intercourse with a small or big group of men. A single man having sex with a group of women is called reverse-gang bang.
According to will, necessity, curiosity of each one, many more positions can be experimented. There are millions of books about it, and among them, the most famous is the Kamasutra, that has been written a long time ago and therefore has been approved by the vast majority of those who red it.

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