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Sex Predators

Children And Women Seemingly Prone To Sexual Predators

The sexual predators are individuals who obtain their sex-delights predatorily. Their practices usually are sexual crimes, such as sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, pedophilia, sodomy, kidnapping with sexual purpose and transmission of children pornography on Internet. On average sexual predators are most men, and the usual victims are women and children, boys and girls under the age of 17 years old.

Many of the cases where sexual predators were involved happened in the victim's home and were practiced by the victim's family members. In the United States, several sexual predators' crimes were composed by abuse of children by stepmothers or stepfathers, in front of brothers or other children. People with tendency to be sexual predators usually have an aggressive behavior, consume alcohol or other drugs and threaten the victim or the ones who witness the fact at gun point or knife point or any given object that can hurt or kill.

According to researches, women who wear skirts are more inclined to be victims of sexual predators than those who use jeans or pants, due to the facility to take off their clothes. Other thing that is dangerous for women is travel alone. Reports say that many cases of rape occurred when a lonely woman's car became disabled (maybe because someone bad intentioned putted obstacles on the road to damage the tires) and a man offered a ride. Even refusing the offer, the man dragged her into his car, took her to a remote area and sexually abused her.

Other preoccupation is about Internet. Many adults stay in chats just to look for someone to have sex, and they can search for children and set appointments with them. Many men were imprisoned because of published images on Internet abusing young children. These cases are more complicated, because this kind of sexual predator preys on the innocence of children and try to become their friend before molesting them. To prevent a child being victimized by sexual predators, the education is the key of their safety. Parents have to talk seriously to them and, in any case of abuse, denounce it to the nearest police station.

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