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6th.Sept.2005 Sex Story : The Distinguished Gentleman with Perfect Penis Knowledge

I am divorced now. I found out after my divorce that there were many sexual techniques that I never had a chance to experiment with. I was surprised to find out that I love to have oral sex performed on me. My wife wasn't into oral sex (what most people call "blow jobs"). So, I turned to others after the divorce to see if could find sexual fulfillment.
I have never given oral sex to another guy and never had the desire to. I received my first blow job by a nearby friend. He once asked me if I ever had a blow job, and then he told me about this older guy who had been sucking him. I told him to mention me to the guy. I told him I always go down to the river by the bridge in the park and swim every Saturday at about noon. I wanted to see when the word got passed along if this other man would come down to the park and make a move on me.
That Saturday, I pulled off my jeans and boots and went in naked. Soon I heard someone coming near the bridge. He stopped and asked me how the water was. I told him it was great. He was an older man and very distinguished looking. He spoke with a comforting voice that had an aura of wisdom. As we talked, I figured it was time to get out of the water. As I waded closer to the bank, I stopped to where the water was at my waist. He said, "What's wrong?"
I told him I sort of had a problem, and I couldn't come out right the. He laughed, and I could tell he knew I had a hard penis. Then he said that skinny-dipping always gave him a boner. I was nervous for a minute, but then I got up my nerve to walk on out. I went over to a large rock and sat down as the sun dried me off. My dick stayed hard because I was so excited that this man was still watching me while I was nude.
I turned around for a second and was surprised to see he was standing right behind me. He mentioned that my friend said I would be at the river. I started to stand up, but he put his hand on my shoulder and eased me back down to a sitting position. He massaged my shoulder in a sensual way for a few seconds, and I did not resist. Before I could think another thought, he was in front of me licking my swollen dick. Then he started to suck me and lick my testicles. I remember how hot his mouth was and he took my thick penis and put some lip action on it. Since that day, I have always looked for older men similar to him. I just love my penis being sucked by a older man with lots of life experiences.

M. K.

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