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Sexual Life and Depression II

Sexual dysfunction stands for the inability for taking part in sexual intercourse, by sheer indulgence, due to intercourse-related pain or disabled stage of sexual response.

Depression can strike in many ways, as lagging libido (a lack of sexual input), as well as discrepancies in excitement response. Therein arrested genital response, erectile dysfunction, dryness, both premature and delayed ejaculation would be part off. Within this framework of sexual disorders, there?d be those cases of delay or absence of orgasm, yet distress, during and after intercourse.

It?s well-known that many could be the origins of such a sexual disorder, some such illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure or dysfunctional streaks as of drug and alcohol abuse, hormonal imbalance, collaterals from medication usage, so much so, as stemmed from psychical causes, ultimately depression.

Rather complex physiology has got such a sexual disorder. Let?s see:

Sexual function receives input from central origin (CNS) and peripheral (all that doesn?t spring from the brain). Therefore, countless trace-elements, mainly hormones and neurotransmitters, would be directly or indirectly involved into the sexual framework, by ends, what explains how and why spikes in their ratios? on the blood count is thought detrimental to sexual output and satisfaction of men and women altogether. Dopamine for one, linked to desire and arousal, much as serotonin and noradrenalin. Yet there exist those-ones designed by the CNS, which bear straight linkage with arousal, in this case rather subdue however. As prolactin and oxytocin that?s directly related to sexual climax.

Sexual dysfunctions dwell within both genders among the population, reaching 50.9% of women and 40% of men. Per se figures compatible with data from other nations.

In man, depression, lack of libido comes out as erectile dysfunction, more commonly known as sexual impotence. It?s anything but difficulty in keeping a hardon and that will end up by triggering more disarray and hence, the depressive state worsens up.

In the depressed woman, arousal patterns get altered namely frigidity, which unleash lack of interest yet even distress during intercourse. It often leads women into ditching sexual activities altogether, making them prone to get overburden, rendering their depressive mood even worst.

Sexual dysfunction in those with depression tends to get worsen due to the treatment itself, once induces such drawbacks anyhow. 

Adhesion to treatment appears unsatisfactory, since most patients seem to ditch it within a month, as reasons range from, allegedly feeling better, distressed from side effects or elsewhere. So far sexual disorder lies within undesirable side effects that lead into treatment discontinuity.  

It?s imperative to check out for sexual anamneses in clinical trials of a depressive state, even more so because of the background reasons, there are patients who tend to grow self-conscious and wind up by keeping their complaints concealed pertaining to this area.

By Adriana Sommer da Costa
Psychologist and Sexologist

Sexual Life and Depression II         

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