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Sexual Techniques to Achieve Orgasm

For the woman it's not that easy sometimes to achieve climax during sex. Being the female sexuality much more subtle and complex than its male-counterpart it therefore requires much more intimacy from the woman with her own body. Although some people may consider romantic the notion that the woman needs orgasm every time she has sex, it's in fact she who deserves to have as much pleasure as her partner reaches. There are several sexual techniquesthat can help a woman to reach orgasm. They are applied on both women with natural difficulty in achieving orgasm or those aiming to improve skills of the so-increased intensity of pleasure during sex.

To know your body- the most important of them all sexual techniquesis to know how it works and responds to stimuli during sex. While masturbating bring a mirror to play in bed and try to visually identify what movements on which part of your sex works best. Find which areas yield more pleasure.

Breathing and pelvic movements - did you know that there are women capable of reaching orgasm without even having to resort on genitals touch? Just by breathing deeply while moving your hips you may do the same meanwhile tensing different muscle groups identifying the ones that give pleasure during sex,. Breathing it's also important to increase the blood flow in your genitals. Imagine what this sexual technique can do for sex.

Working on the PC muscle - The PC muscle goes from around your anus until the frontal part of the pubic bone. Work out this muscle as you would every other muscle by coming to think of it as your sex muscle. The muscular contractions on the PC render sex even better for both partners. Even more so since the man is able to feel it on the penis as well. This is one of the most pleasurable sex techniques available.


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