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Sharing Sex Fantasies

A sex fantasy is a thought or wish about the sexual nature. It's as natural and similar as a dream, and it can become true, depending on the kind of fantasy. Some of them may be physically impossible or unacceptable, and are too closed, personal and threatening. Other fantasies, however, if shared, enhance desire and can implement relationship.

For many lone-hearts, self-stimulation is as normal a way of experiencing solitary pleasure. The individual thinks about his fantasies and touches his body. It makes us reach orgasm, feel sexier and satisfy our curiosity. Any one can masturbate thinking about movie stars, coworkers, attractive strangers or emulating other situations.

Bringing a sexual fantasy into reality isn't always possible. There are some questions in need of attention before sharing this kind of desire. It's important to ask whether such fantasy is compulsive or feels out of control, if it can be dangerous, if its content is repulsive or cause sexual problems, if it blocks self-acceptance, if it distances from the real-life partner, harm someone or belong to someone else.

The man, if married, mustn't tell a wife, for example, that his sexual fantasy is about having an intercourse with her sister, because it could bring sorrow and separate the couple. The fantasies about having sex with two women at once, having oral and genital sex at the same time, are almost all the time men's favorite urge.

If someone stuck on a fantasy, it can lead to trouble, if pleasure only comes along with some elements, like fetishism (sexual focus on objects or parts of the human body), masochism, sadism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, pedophilia, Zoophilia and transvestic fetishism (fantasies by heterosexual men to dress in females clothes).

Male fantasies usually envisage a visual image of a woman's sexual embodiment, while women are less focused on genitals, and usually focus more on the emotional feelings of a romantic encounter. Fantasies including the partner, like strip show, champagne, candlelight dinners, massage with special oils and others, are healthy and help the person to feel different physical sensations. Sharing your fantasies with your partner or not is entirely up your business.

Sharing Sex Fantasies         

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