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At the beginning of puberty, many topics of new interests permeated the minds of teens boys and girls. Changes, as much as physical as psychologically, make life, even so, made of games and play, have other priorities. Related to all such changes, the main subject must always be debated: sex. Millions of questions pullulate the teenager?s heads and often remain unquestioned due to shame or unflinching upbringing by their parents. So, who must discuss this? Who should clarify doubts about this subject, that, many times, even the grown ups don?t have enough familiarity to pass on knowledge?
With respect to society, sex has always been taboo-like, but gradually this obstacle gets overcome and youngsters become clued up about so-possible doubts. The less questions youngsters have unanswered about sex, the more established they would be on relationships and in their own lives, even more so since sex doesn?t comprise only the act of obtaining pleasure. Many things are at stake when two people decide to have sexual intercourse.
Sexual education supported mostly at schools where information about sexuality is given in a pedagogic way, giving to the youth opportunity to ask about all social and personal aspects revolving sex. But there is not such a thing as proper way to do it. And not even a school must be the only mechanism in charge to solve this. Sexual education, above all, is informal a way that one learns to take sex in his/her own stride. There includes maturity on behalf of family, which must be always prepared to clarify possible doubts, just like society that must be able to approach this subject broadly, such as lectures, informative materials and even events. Relevant is to call attention upon and clarify in a simple way, the youth?s most frequently asked questions and inevitably, the rest.
The ways to prevent undesired pregnancy and to explain sexually transmitted diseases, which, sexually active people are vulnerable to, are very important topics that must be taken into account in sexual education. To explain the female and male growth process to reach sexual maturity and their whys, helps too, to unmask many retrograde thoughts. Sexual education is necessary, must be discussed, and can help millions of youngsters to learn through prevention in all its guises.

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