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Few women mention whether they have multiple orgasms or, better, high and stronger orgasms. People call them as “highly orgasmic women”, which strike not just some luck, but hold some secrets to reach special orgasms. First of all, the partner must wait till the woman is ready and aroused for sex, don’t distracting her with his impatience. Women don’t have to expect an orgasm dependent of the men’s actions, but they should be confident they’ll climax when having sex next time around.

It means that, if something isn’t working well sexually, it’s necessary to try other times till find a solution. Women also can imitate men, which get physical knowing they'll have an orgasm, and this faith makes it happen. The mind is the most powerful sex organ, but small distractions can break attention to sex – that’s why it’s important to forget all worries when going to bed. Visualizing what is happening is also a key to excitement, and the woman can appreciate her partner further while he caresses her figure.

Other crucial thing in sex is getting over all sexual taboos. A couple can try all forms of sex, stay with those that work – an open door to more possibilities of orgasms – and don’t try again the bad ones. Being monogamous, contrary to what many people imagine, brings more experience to the relationship and helps people to know each other and gain knowledge on others’ pleasure zones, as keep relaxed sufficiently to discover other modes of sex.

A woman, with experience, also knows which positions work for her best. If a special one gave her a good orgasm before, she can get back into the same position to have another climax. Orgasms work in different intensities. In a sexual intercourse, a woman can have one little orgasm, a big orgasm, several orgasms or neither of them. She can’t discriminate what comes and, if she isn’t satisfied, she has to try again in the next sexual relation. Most important of all, however, is having fun and just relax, don’t being upset when the orgasm doesn’t come.

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